xdk_hdk user group

Users of XDK, ReWorx and HDK can join a users group.
Information on the group site is only accessible to members of the group.

Group members can post (email-style) to all the members of the group. This allows them to access the experience of people who have been using these tools for years. As well, members have access to the Wiki-style FAQ pages. They can access this information, edit it, add information and add pages.

The XDK_HDK group is independent of the company that produces the software.

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Any questions should be directed to the group (volunteer) managers:


The history of all messages to the old Topica list (the one mentioned at vmtech.com) was collected automatically by the list host.
These messages can best be viewed using a Google search (you don't have to be a member or logged in)
Google search, in the search field add the search term then the following text:

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The group pages are at: groups.google.com/group/xdk_hdk